PT3-A04 – ECU Components

IC1: MC14051BCP (Analog Multiplexer / Demultiplexer)
IC2: MC14051BCP (Analog Multiplexer / Demultiplexer)
IC3: M66911 / MSM66911 (16 Bit Microcontroller) MSM66207 | OKI 66207 Disassembler | OKI 66207 Disassembler Update | nX-8/500S Instruction Manual | Instructions
IC4: M6434 / MSM6434 (4 Bit Co-Processor)
IC5: SN74HC257N (Quad 2-Input Multiplexer)
IC6: SN74HC257N (Quad 2-Input Multiplexer)
IC7: M38256 / MSM38256 (EPROM) PT3-A04 | PT6
IC8: SN74HC373N (Octal Transparent Latch With 3-State Output)
IC9: SN74HC541N (Octal Buffer/Line Driver With 3-State Output)
IC10: SN74HC541N (Octal Buffer/Line Driver With 3-State Output)
IC11: MC74HC00AN (Quad 2-Input Nand Gate)
IC12: SN74HC04N (Hex Inverting Gates)
IC13: N/A
IC14: IS168 (IR Sensor)
IC15: MC74HC595AN (8-Bit Shift Registers With Output Latches)
IC16: STA413A (Sink Driver Array With Built-in Avalanche Diode)
IC17: SLA4010 (NPN Darlington With built-in avalanche diode)
IC18: SMA3031M (?)
IC19: LM2904SXA (Low Power Dual Operational Amplifier?)
Q1: FP812 (-6v Regulator)
Q2: FN812 (6v Regulator)